Rehabilitation & Recretional Home for Street children & Child Beggars
Beggar and Child
Due to various reasons bound and related to social cultures, majority of the Indian population believes in lending alms to beggars or aiding the helpless groups for made fulfillment of made promises or with hopes that their personal interest would be answered.  
This individual mentality of people to lend arms has encouraged beggars to multiply from Hundreds to Thousands. Today, there are approximately one lakh beggars that work in groups at different junction in this metropolitan city.  
Among these, child beggars who are found in large numbers in Mumbai. It is due to public encouragement that so many child beggars exist. By giving alms and showing sympathy towards them, we are not only making future generations dependent but also depriving these children of their important right i.e. right to Education

Assured of decent daily earnings, children are therefore forced to beg on streets at an age when they should attend school.

On the Government level, child beggars that are held by the police every month are been sent to different Beggar’s Home in the State. But due to mismanagement and negligence of the workers in these homes, the children run away and once again land upon streets begging for their daily means.

SDC took the initiative and conducted a detailed research survey on the problems faced by child beggars in the city. This survey hit the headlines in the MID DAY newspaper on 01/07/2004 titled “Bikharis Bonanza”. To spread the awareness, the issue was simultaneously published/ highlighted in all leading newspapers in the country.


This true experience goes way behind in 2002. At around 10 am in the morning, Mr. Vijay Karande (Founder Secretary) of Social Development Centre was buying his ticket in the crowded line on the Andheri Station platform. At this point, he heard repeated cries of a new born child.

Curiously, he turned around to trace the cries of the child. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a young woman of 27-28 yrs of age along with the child (8-9 months) begging on the platform. The child had sores all over the body. The woman, with the intention of gaining public sympathy, secretly was scraping up the open-wound on the boy’s body and blood was oozing out profusely.
The child was crying and literally in pain but the woman paid no heed to his plight.Later in the evening, Mr. Karande spotted the same woman at a local theatre in Andheri watching a movie. She had the company of another person, and was thoroughly enjoying the moment.

Mr. Karande was in a state of shock and thought of what could have happened to the little child he saw at the platform the same morning.

The next day at the platform, the same woman was seen begging But, this time with another child around 2 ½ of age. On confronting the women before the railway police, it was disclosed that the women would hire children for her begging profession, on a daily basis for Rs. 125/- to Rs. 200/- a day. The children were returned to their parents in the late evenings after the end of the day’s work.

This experience made us really ponder on the plight of street child & child beggars and the trauma they undergo each day for their living.

Understanding the sensitivity of the situation, the Organization, in the month of July 2004 conceived the idea of the “DREAMZ” Home - Rehabilitation cum Recreational Open Home for street children and child beggars