Rehabilitation & Recretional Home for Street children & Child Beggars

We currently have 35 street children & child beggars children in our full-time care in our Malad East & West centres of Mumbai. However, we do not yet have the amount of committed, month-to-month support that we need to care for these children. Accordingly, one of the most significant ways in which you can help is by sponsoring a child.

For Rs. 2,100/- a month or more, you can sponsor one of the children living in our homes and help provide for the entirety of that child’s care. Child sponsorship is a wonderful way to not only contribute to the care of a child, but to develop a relationship with that child through photos and correspondence.

There are several significant ways in which you can help:
• Sponsor a child
• Contribute or raise additional financial support needed for the establishment and operation of the children’s Homes and related programs and facilities
• Organize and send a short-term team from your church or group
• Volunteer to work at one of our projects for several months or longer

When you sponsor a child you will receive:
• A picture of the child
• Information concerning the child’s background
• Annual updates concerning the child’s progress
• The opportunity to correspond with the child and visit the child, if you are traveling in the host country

Types of Sponsorships:
A) Perpetual Sponsorship (One time payment)

Indian Sponsors

Rs 3,00,000 per child

Non-resident Indian (NRI) sponsors

US $ 6666  per child

Foreign Sponsors

US $ 6666  per child

Under the perpetual sponsorship scheme the amount is invested in fixed deposit scheme and the sponsorship support is provided out of the interest earned.
B) Annual Sponsorship (Contribution every year)

Indian Sponsors

Rs 25,000 per child per year

The Cafeteria Approach

The needs under cafeteria approach are classified and sponsorship contribution for the same is also finalized of which details are as under

Sr No

Type of Support

Sponsorship Contribution



Rs 1,2000/- (per child per year) @ Rs. 1000/- p.m.



Rs 600/- (per child per year) @ Rs.50/- p.m.



Rs 12,000/- (per child per year) @ Rs.1000/- p.m.


Clothes & Misc. Exp.

Rs 400/- (per child per year)