Rehabilitation & Recretional Home for Street children & Child Beggars


          Computer Centre


  • We believe that in today's world, computer literacy is a must, and computer education should begin at an early age. In fact, you might be surprised how much children enjoy using the computer, and children tend to absorb more when they start young.

    The Dreamz Home Initiative for Children Computer Center Project seeks to teach our children basic computer skills in order to prevent them from having to face a future of living and working on the streets. We anticipate that the possession of these skills will enable the children to sustain themselves by obtaining decent jobs once they reach adulthood.

    The children directly involved in the Computer Centre have found a safe haven within the walls of our home and computer center. They flourish in a supportive environment, are no longer subject to violence on the streets, and can afford to have dreams for the future. Computer literacy is a skill that no one will be able to take away from them, and it will radically increase their set of opportunities in life.

        THE NINAD MUSIC CLASS:              

Just as all children are born with the potential to learn to speak and understand their native language, all children are born with the potential to learn and perform.
THE NINAD – SELF DEVELOPMENT THROUGH MUSIC is a musical activity specially planned for the children of the DREAMZ Home. Music classes are conducted where children are familiarized with both the Indian classical music (introducing our Indian culture) and Western music, so that children are able to adopt both of them.

Two Music Teachers have been appointed to conduct the classes i.e. One Teacher (harmonium & tabla) to teach Indian classical music and the other (guitar/violin etc.) to introduce children to western music.


The NINAD Project is an ongoing activity which is aimed to identify the hidden talent/s with the children & encourage their self-development through music.


Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning "union" is primarily associated with "asanas", or exercises that aim towards achieving a higher standard of health and concentrates on the emotional and psychological health.

DREAMZ Home emphasizes more on the moral education of the children and hence helps them to become a better citizen of the country. We, therefore, believe that Yoga Education for children is very essential in all ages. Yoga is the remedies of diseases. The experts in this field realized the exact requirement of children that how yoga will advance themselves in there every day life. The yoga is preferred applicable way for children for their physical, mental and as well as spiritual growth and stability.



Dance….. the word that brings excitement and makes our children tap their feet in enthusiasm. To bring out the hidden talents, we at DREAMZ Home, conduct dance classes for the children where they are taught Western and Classical (Bharat Natyam) and Folk Dance.


                                               Children Are Studying In Malad(E) Center                                             Children Are Studying In Malad (w) Center

Considering the social background of the child beneficiaries at DREAMZ Home, utmost care is taken to encourage learning interest among children. Hence, The Organization conducts Extra Special Coaching classes for the children to develop their educational skills.

Future Plan Of Dreamz Home

Five years down the organization plans to from a DREAMZ home village Over 100 acres of land for the total rehabilitation of Children & the abandoned aged. The Project Would be designed so that children would receive love & affection from the aged & nice versa